If you are fed up with potholed roads, passionate about our environment and recycling, and want more for taxpayers’ money, then MacRebur is the solution.

what does this mean to you?

Stronger Roads

Compared to current British standard asphalt (sometimes called tar), Plasmac® produces a 60% stronger road.

Accredited testing has proven that MacRebur’s Plasmac® road material recipe, compared to current British standard asphalt recipes:

  • Increases tensile strength by 60%
  • Reduces potholes
  • Reduces rutting
  • Increases the lifespan of the road

what does this mean for everyone?

Greener Roads

Plastic disposal is a massive headache for governments – and 56% of the UK’s waste plastics end up as landfill or are incinerated ( We provide part of the solution in reducing this figure.

We use waste plastics like bags, bottles, film wrapping and cups – and a magic ingredient – as a bitumen replacement to enhance the strength and durability of any product containing bitumen.

  • Uses local waste plastic in local roads
  • Reduces imported bitumen
  • Helps foster a circular economy
  • Increases the lifespan of the road
  • Reduces carbon emissions

what does this mean for us?

Cheaper Roads

The UK transport budget is £29bn in 2016/17. We offer a way of making this go the extra mile, freeing up savings to be used elsewhere, in better ways.

MacRebur’s Plasmac® road material, compared to current British standard asphalt, offers:

  • Lower raw material costs
  • Reduced road maintenance costs
  • Reduced waste plastic disposal costs
  • Higher asset value

have questions?

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We’re happy to answer any question you have concerning our amazing MacRebur’s Plastic.

We are passionate about our vision to create a greener, more sustainable road network throughout the UK, Europe and across the world.

We are at the beginning of our journey and have many other ideas and applications for the use of our waste plastic magic mix. Now we need your help to create a voice that calls upon our governments, transport agencies, councils and decision makers to say we want to spend less money on our roads network, utilising a greener technology whilst providing a longer lasting, higher quality product.