31 Oct 2023

MacRebur and SteelPhalt pave the way for a sustainable future

MacRebur and SteelPhalt pave the way for a sustainable future

 As part of our mission to create road surfaces that are better for the planet and drivers around the world, we’ve joined forces with sustainable asphalt manufacturer SteelPhalt to create an asphalt product made from 97% recycled materials.

 Owned by global leader in environmental services within the steel industry - Harsco Environmental - SteelPhalt is the original asphalt recycling company. It is leading the way in sustainable roadmaking solutions by developing and manufacturing high-performance asphalt products using slag – a by-product sourced from the steel industry.

 First partnering with us in 2021, SteelPhalt now incorporates our product into all its mixes, with the subsequent 97% recycled material asphalt resulting in significant environmental benefits when compared to traditional road surfaces.

 Alongside preventing waste plastic from being sent to landfill, incorporating our product within its sustainable asphalt mix will also help further lower carbon emissions created from road surfacing.

 SteelPhalt was founded in 1964 and is the single largest asphalt plant in the UK, working with local authorities and contractors to deliver high-quality, durable roads without the negative environmental impact of using quarried materials.

 Roads and surfaces created from SteelPhalt and MacRebur’s environmentally-friendly mix can be found both across the UK – working in collaboration with the likes of Sainsbury’s and Volvo - as well as internationally.

 Our CEO, Toby McCartney, said of the partnership: “Having the opportunity to team up with a like-minded and passionate advocate of green solutions such as SteelPhalt gives us an enhanced platform the lead the fight to create more sustainable road surfaces.

 "SteelPhalt stands for everything we do – using other people’s waste to build a sustainable future. The company using our waste plastic pellets in its mixes means that drivers’ chances of driving down a MacRebur recycled road in the future is only increasing.”

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